Boxing Fundamentals/Conditioning
This is our main program, you will learn boxing
fundamentals and get in amazing shape in the
process!  This class is great for beginners and
veterans, whether you are looking to begin your
fighting career, get in shape, lose weight, or just have
fun and learn to box, this is the place to get started.
Strength Training
Using Plyometrics and weight lifting we will
strengthen every part of your body used in boxing.
1 Hour class using boxing exercises,bag
work,rope ,balance and core work to help
speed up ,and coordinates muscle groups         
and  help prevent injuries, for all  athletes !
Cross Training for every sport !!!
Private and Group Training    614-806-6359
                  This is a Private Training Center!  Everyone has a trainer !
                       These programs are so much more than boxing!
 Real and Proven Boxing Techniques !!!!
                      Ryan                                 John                      Decon
Youth development, conditioning and confidence